Dr. Adam Mireault, BSc., DDS.

I suppose we are all shaped by our parents and our life experiences as we tumble along this path of life. In my particular case, I am the 7th son of 8 children. Dad was a company man with Northwestern Utilities and my mother’s family of 9 worked coal mines throughout Alberta until settling in Edmonton. Dad’s work had us regularly relocate to different small towns throughout NE and central Alberta. I would count Camrose and Red Deer as my home towns.

Possibly due to the number of moves my family took, I settled my mind to raising my family in one spot and grow our roots deep. To that end, Calgary has been my wife Shauna’s and my home for the last 26 years. (Coincidentally enough, the amount of time I have been practicing dentistry at Braeside Dental Centre).

Our two children are now graduates of the University of Calgary and have started their adult lives here in Calgary as well. Years of minor hockey, ringette, soccer, and the like has managed to build a firm foundation of friendship and community spirit.

The skill set they taught me at University of Alberta dental school has served me well but has been greatly enhanced by years of continuing education and time. Time has allowed me to more clearly empathize with the myriad of life situations in my patient’s experience. Communication and life priorities that we all face at different times combine to form an interesting and challenging mix. At this point in my career, I find myself using the word appropriate more and more. I am committed to delivering the appropriate level of care to each and every one of my patients depending on their individual wants and needs.

I’m not so sure if it’s an older person thing to want to listen more than to talk, but I suspect it is. If you have questions or concerns, I’d be pleased to listen and eager to help you explore the options for the care and maintenance of your dental health.

– Dr. Mireault

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